Hospitalization and Surgical Procedures

In case it is determined that you will have a surgery, after you make your decision, you will be directed to the area where the blood testing and the other measurments is done depending on the type of the surgery. In order to give a detailed information about the surgery that will be operated, you will be directed to Hospitalization Department.

Then, your hospitalization file related to the surgery will be opened. If you want to have a surgery within that day, you will be informed about your surgery planning by our staff. A signature which shows that you certify that you have read the surgical permission form will be taken from you in order to put it to your file. If you want to have a surgery at a different day, you can get the appointment date at your and doctor's earliest convenience.

Our staff in the surgery room will direct you to the surgery waiting area by taking your file from the hospitalization office. Depending on the type of the surgery that you will have, our staff will prepare you for operation. When your are ready for the surgery, our staff will take you in the surgery room by giving you the necessary clothes (sterile bonnet on your clothes, apron, galosh).

After your surgery is operated, our staff will give you information about the medicines that you will have to use and implementations.

It is possible for you to go to home after the surgery (according to the types of surgery). You will be asked to come to our center again depending on the day and time that your doctor will decide.

If you are eligible to get a report upon the prediction of your doctor, you will be directed to the report department after your surgery. Sick leave day, health status report or epicrisis report will be given to you upon the signature of your doctor.