Hospitalization and Outpatient Treatment

If it will be foreseen to implement non-surgical applications after the physical examination, your patient file will be opened in the hospitalization office regarding the related application. A signature which shows that you certify that you have read the surgical permission form will be taken from you in order to put it to your file. After you get your file, you will be directed to the Examination Department again. Our employees in the examination department will inform your doctor after they make your eye ready depending on the availability of the devices. Your doctor will perform the necessary practice for your eye. Your application may take 3 minutes to 20 minutes and it varies depending on the type of application. You can go back to your home after the application, our staff will give you an appointment date at your earliest convenience.

If you are eligible to get a report upon the prediction of your doctor, you will be directed to the report department after your physical examination. Sick leave day, health status report or epicrisis report will be given to you upon the signature of your doctor.