Current Health Information

Our eyes are the most important sense organs. It's like a window to the outside world. We know the world through our eyes. It is structurally quite sensitive and the treatment is very difficult when it is damaged. Any influence that may arise from the outside world can cause illnesses or defects that prevent us from seeing it. So it is very important to protect your health.

Today, with the advancement of technology, people have been looking for computer screens, smart phones for a long time, increased knowledge and intense working conditions, and such situations have caused eye problems.

At the corner of our current Health Information, there are information about the issues related to eye that you have encountered in current life other than general eye diseases, and what you need to do to prevent them. The contents of the topics consist of the usual topics we can meet every day.Our aim is to give you practical information about the problems you will encounter in your daily life. As always, they are written for the purpose of informing you.Never neglect your eye health and never miss an annual routine examination by a specialist.We inform you by Healthy LifeMAYA.